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What does The Old Fashioned provide?

We arrive with bar staff, freshly squeezed juices and organic mixers, drink garnish, galvanized beer and wine buckets, a vintage cooler, a large cocktail menu, ice, two bar stools for the back bar and all barware associated with making your delicious beverages. We can provide a generator, if there is no power onsite. Our interior and exterior will be decorated in vintage style unless you specify otherwise. We have great props and decorations for a variety of different events so just let us know what you have in mind and we'll make it work! 



What drinks can you serve? 

Bottled beer and cider, wine, champagne, any soft drinks and mineral water, up to three cocktails (approved by us). Do let us know if there is something you would like to serve that is not listed here. 



Can you make cocktails? 

You betcha! Choose up to three cocktails to serve at your event and we will shake/stir them up. We have an extensive list for you to choose from or suggest your own!



Is The Old Fashioned just a bar?

No! We can be a vintage candy or ice cream truck, serve popsicles, juices, coffee, prepared foods, and much more! 



Does The Old Fashioned sell alcohol? 

No. We serve alcohol that is supplied by the event organizer or a third party. So how much alcohol will you need, you ask?! Well we know it can be some pretty confusing math, but we've got you sorted. We have a secret formula which helps us calculate the amount of alcohol you'll need for the service time pretty accurately. We'll share this with you while we help finalize your event details. 



What areas do you service? 

Los Angeles and beyond. We love a good road trip! 



Where can The Old Fashioned park? 

We need to park on private property and have some room to get in and out easily. If you're interested in partying in a park or public place you will need to obtain the proper permits and/or licenses. 



What are The Old Fashioned's dimensions?

8' high, 8' wide, 12' long



Do you have general liability insurance?




Are your bartenders trained? 

Yes all of our bar staff have experience working in a bar or service industry. They are also super friendly so your guests will get great customer service.



Where are you based? 

We are based in Venice, CA. 



How much does it cost to hire The Old Fashioned?

Every event is different and not one price fits all. To find out a ballpark figure for your event please fill out the form on the contact page or email your event details to

Please note that we cannot guarantee your booking date until we receive your deposit.



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